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Monday, 15 April 2013

Bible Reading Fellowship studies on Environment

BRF Bible Studies

 Last year Margot Hodson was asked to write twelve Bible Studies on Environment for the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) in the UK. The studies were published in a booklet intended for use in January-April 2013. But the advantage of these studies is that they are not fixed to particular dates. We have now found that BRF are using the Environment studies as a FREE sample which can be downloaded in PDF format (you need to register, but there is no charge!). The studies are:

Old Testament
1 A good creation
2 Humans and nature
3 Rest and relationship
4 Called to the land and called to justice
5 Going beyond limits
6 The earth mourns

New Testament
1 Born into his own creation
2 The miraculous catch of fish
3 Creation groaning
4 Held together in Christ
5 Creation made new
6 Our gospel hope

These are intended as an introductory set of studies for people who have little or no previous experience in this topic area, but even "experts" will find something new!

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